"It's all about catching fish"

Between our team, we have had a whole lifetime's experience spinning and plugging in the sea, lakes and rivers. We have chosen our products for 2 very simple reasons, they do the job and they're good value.​

Whenever we decide on a new lure, the first thing we do is take to the water and test it out. We are looking for a number of different qualities, but primarily we want it to catch a fish. Price and quality are always the first two things we look at. We cannot justify the €20+ price tag that some of the “luxury” brands can cost, especially when an almost exact model can be found for less than half the price, it’s all about finding a good balance. We’ve found some of the really cheap Chinese stuff falls apart vs. losing an expensive plug trying to target an old pike lurking under an overhanging tree. Not all of our products have caught fish but they all perform perfectly well, and treated with a bit of care, will last for years.